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Is your team prepared?
  • Does your organization have a system for developing future leaders?
  • Is management struggling with strategy and execution?
  • Are people worried with who will replace the CEO or founder?
  • Is your management team prepared to successfully manage the company as it
    evolves to an ESOP and without the founder?
  • Are people worried key people will retire without well-trained replacements?
  • Has the company lost their entrepreneur or risk taker with the founder leaving?
  • If you are ISO9000 Certified, how do you measure management effectiveness?

Our team will prepare your team for success

a. Empowered Teams

Empowered teams are the essence of having an "Ownership Culture." The benefits of empowered teams include operational improvements, cost savings, and increased throughput. Change management initiatives execute faster with empowered teams.
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b. Succession Planning Systems

Empowered teams offer a systematic approach towards identifying, grooming and developing future leaders and their sponsors to avoid the typical succession pitfalls.
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c. Problem Solving Action Plans

Our approach is to teach teams in "Forming, Storming, Norming, & Performing." We use action planning processes to develop individual and team problem solving capabilities to solve issues quickly and profitably.
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d. Train the Trainer Systems

We combine team training with train the trainer educational systems to improve penetration within the organization as well as sustain the empowered team initiatives for change managemnt.
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